PIR 07.20.09


Hot, dry, windy, hot. Perfect day to ride from home to PIR to race my butt off then to home again. I’m still drinking water. I even took a cold shower when I got home. During the race around each sharp corner I could have sworn that my tires were slipping on the soft asphalt. It was a very strange feeling. However by the last 4 laps it felt less mushy…my imagination? Hard to say. I could have been hallucinating, there were moments where I was asking myself if I’d know the signs of heat exhausting. Especially with 5 laps to go and the last drop of my water was gently rolling down my tongue.

Somehow I always survive despite always trying and talk myself out of finishing. I probably only fail to fail because I’m too stubborn. It’s not determination as much as it apathy. Pushing myself forward is almost easier than finding the right moment to quit. So I sit, then I get bored so I go up front to play until my legs scream then I fall back to recover and debate quitting until I get bored round and round. But today I was mostly up front. So how is this fun? Its a game, a back and forth match play between the mind and the legs. The mind tries to call the shots but relies on the legs to cooperate. The legs are sly in that they pretend to do the minds bidding but never reveal the whole truth. The mind says “Give me everything?” but the legs only give 80% and then complain bitterly when it’s too hard. The mind relents and allows the legs to recover. The legs then sit back and milk the rest for all it’s worth. However, when it really matters the legs can surprise the mind and pull out a whopping performance. This moment of cooperation is nirvana.

I felt nirvana today. I was not winning, I wasn’t even close but it was the end of a very hot race where I had pushed my legs numerous times to the limit and felt there was nothing left. Yet there I was sprinting for the finish relaxed and feeling strong. Albeit in the middle of the pack.

One final note. To all you side-nose-snot-blowers, suck it in and swallow it! I’m not interested in having your snot sprayed into my face in the middle of a race! Or at least fall to the darn back. Geese.

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