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First cross race of the season and it was hot, dry and sunny. This year Molly Cameron has organized a new series using many of the existing smaller venues. This is exciting, as it provides a nice alternative to the outrageously popular Cross Crusades. The end result was a sizable crowd for such an early race.

At the start I got a call up (because I pre-registered) so this put me at the front of the line. However, I fumbled to clip in and was quickly back 5+ riders. (see photo – that’s me on the far right)

Once settled in I new we had a long run-out before the twisty turns, so I went all out, and quickly found myself in front. I’ll be honest I was a bit surprised – but delighted at the same time. I held on to the lead for about 3 laps when Joe Santos passed me. (He beat me every time in short track) I was gaining on him when, after a barrier, I dropped a chain. It took me about 15 seconds to get it back on, which was enough time for 2nd place to pass me. Once back riding I tried to track them down.

In the end I held on for 3rd – a great result in my book.

Photos courtesy of:
Matthew Haughey
Dave Roth
Jose Sandoval

One Comment

  1. Nice work DH! Solid performance! Love the recap.
    The weather was hot, there was a significant wind but instead of a cooling effect, it just made you work harder and run your body temp up higher. A cool course with some real opportunity to hit the gas and fly on hard grass and bike path, along with some, “dont you fricking dare pass here!” single track, with a side of dust covered baby head boulders. Had a lot of everything.

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